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Other Podcast Interviews

Rebound Talks (30/09/2020): Dr. Martin Gibala on The Future of Exercise.

Muscle Medicine (17/09/2020): Get Amazing Results at Home with Interval Training w/ Martin Gibala, Ph.D.

Health Psychology and Human Nature (13/07/2020): The One Minute Workout – Professor Martin Gibala.

All About Fitness (23/04/2020): Dr. Martin Gibala – HIIT Solutions for Working Out at Home.

18STRONG (02/05/2019): Interval Training for Golf | Dr. Martin Gibala [#235].

Corporate Warrior (16/02/2019): Martin Gibala PhD – HIT vs HIIT Part 2 (#190).

Corporate Warrior (07/09/2018): Dr. Martin Gibala – HIT vs HIIT (#158).

Whole Life Challenge (17/03/2018): Dr. Martin Gibala – Working Out for Busy People: Geting More Done in Less Time.

Human Performance and Health (31/01/2018): Prof. Martin Gibala on the benefits of HIIT exercise.

My Instruction Manual (18/12/2017): Martin Gibala: The One-Minute Workout.

All About Fitness (16/12/2017): Dr. Martin Gibala.

Kathy Smith On Health: The Art of Living (12/06/2017): Exercise Snacking.

Success Through Failure (09/04/2017): #91 Too Busy to Workout? Introducing the One-Minute Workout.

Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast (06/04/2017). EPISODE 14 – HIIT Training, Efficient Exercise & Longevity w/ Dr. Martin Gibala.

The Model Health Show (15/03/2017): TMHS 208: The One-Minute Workout — With Dr. Martin Gibala.

HPA Podcast (23/02/2017): #34 – Prof. Martin Gibala – HIIT and “The One Minute Workout.”

ICI/PRO (20/02/2017): Does Intensity Trump Duration?

Intelligence for Your Life (14/02/2017): Martin Gibala Ph.D. Author of The One Minute Workout.

The Tim Ferriss Show (23/01/2017): The One-Minute Workout Designed by Scientists.

Science of Ultra (05/07/2016): High Intensity Interval Training with Martin Gibala, PhD.

CBC News Hamilton (30/04/2016): The 1-minute workout: How to get fit in 60 seconds — McMaster study.

Guru Performance (13/01/2015): High Intensity Interval Training’ with Professor Martin Gibala.