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Cityline (19/04/2017): The science behind the ‘One Minute Workout Plan’.

CTV The Social (16/03/2017): Can a one-minute workout actually be effective?

CHCH Evening News (08/02/2017): Interval training.

CTV News Channel (07/02/2017): Fitness tips from the author of ‘The One Minute Workout’.

CHCH Morning Live (07/02/2017): The One-Minute Workout.

ABC TV (Australia) – Catalyst (29/09/2016): Fit in 6 Minutes a Week.

NBC TODAY (20/09/2016): One-minute workout: Does it really work?

NBC Nightly News (28/04/2016): Is It Possible to Cram 45 minutes of Exercise into One Minute?

CTV News Channel (28/04/2016): No time to exercise? Researchers say it only takes minutes.

CBC The Nature of Things (11/06/2015): Myth or Science 2: The Quest for Perfection.